We’re The Country’s Most Experienced Human Birth Tissue Bank

We have led the nation in development of birth tissue and placenta donation with dedicated personnel whose ethics and integrity promote altruism and innovation. BTR is an FDA-registered and AATB-accredited birth tissue acquisition program pioneering seamless and safe donor and hospital integration.

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Why Moms and Hospitals Trust Us


BTR is a dedicated birth tissue acquisition company committed to the safe, ethical provision of human birth tissue for transplantation. The spectrum of our expertise begins with our hospital relationships and continues through to the informed consent process and thorough donor screening.

In front of the science of what we do, we value the honor in the work that we do. Seeing the new lives that are born everyday and the generous gifts that mothers pass along to others through their donation gives them new lives as well. It’s emotional and personal to us, too.

We are innovatively meeting the unique demands of living-donor tissue practices. From enhancing the donor’s hospital experience to our expert tissue preservation techniques, BTR provides the highest quality birth tissue acquisition service available.

How Your Placenta Donation Helps Others

Ophthalmic Applications

Corneal ulcers
Dry eye

Enhanced Patient Recovery

Reduces inflammation
Promotes healing
Reduces pain
Minimizes scarring
Minimizes infection

Surgical Applications

Chronic wound care
Acute wound care
Sports medicine